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The goal of MatruWeb is to greatly increase the number of websites written in Indian languages such as Hindi. The state of the Indian Internet today is that while there are very many websites written for the Indian population in the English language, there are very few websites written for the masses of India, who speak, read and write Indian languages.

If you are in India and are responsible for a school, a university, a hospital, a hotel, or if you are an independent practitioner such as a doctor or if you run your own business, and you have a website which is written only in English, then you are missing a substantial chunk of the Indian population which speaks and writes only Indian languages such as Hindi. In such a case, you should consider expanding your website by creating an Indian language version of the website.

We are very interested in machine learning/neural network based approaches to automatic machine translation by computer from English to Indian languages such as Hindi. This is because manual translation is so time consuming as to be impractical on a large scale. There are currently no good machine translation software programs available to translate from English to Indian languages. It is our long term goal to create such software tools. Machine learning, specially using neural networks, is one of the latest and most promising approaches to this problem.

यदि आप इस वेबसाइट को हिंदी में देखना चाहें, तो ऊपर "हिंदी में" लिंक पर माउस ले जा कर बायां बटन क्लिक करें ।